Research has found that the first years of a child's life are critical for growth and development. Children learn from the moment of birth, growing and developing at an individual pace. By offering a balance of experiences, StoneBridge Early Learning Center is committed to providing each child the opportunity to develop the skills needed to advance in their educational journey.

Programs by Age

Our Infants

Infants grow and develop faster in the first year than any other year. As they respond to sound and touch, a sense of trust and attachment is developed with the caregiver. Feeling secure in their surroundings plays an important part of developing relationships while growing into curious, confident toddlers. The Infant / Crawler Room staff will provide close, responsive supervision, will encourage the exploration of new things, will be consistent in meeting your child's individual needs and will provide a warm, safe, nurturing environment for each child.

Our Toddlers

Toddlers are active, curious and full of energy. This is the stage when many self-help skills are developed, becoming the "I can do it myself" stage. Through active play a Toddler will rapidly develop large motor skills while investigating every detail of their environment.

Our Pre-schoolers

Our Pre-school children three to four years of age have developed most of their self-help skills and are enthusiastic about everything in their environment making this a delightful stage.  Individual personalities are displayed through active learning and a need for social interaction has become a very important part of their daily routine.  As the children explore, experiment, and develop their social skills, our staff will encourage them to try new things with confidence while setting consistent limits when negotiating social conflicts which occur during group play.

Our After School

We will provide transportation to and from local Elementary schools at regular scheduled drop off / pick up times during the regular school year. 

Transportation is available to and from the following elementary schools: 

NEWNAN CROSSING LOCATION:  Newnan Crossing, Odyssey, Poplar Road and Welch 

BAILEY STATION:  Canongate, Central Christian, Coweta Charter Academy,  Thomas Crossroads,  Trinity Christian, White Oak and Willis Road

Students participating in our School Age program will be offered an afternoon snack and a variety of activities each day to include the opportunity to complete homework assignments from school.  Although our staff will oversee the homework time they cannot be responsible for assisting your child individually with their homework.  If there is a need to check over a students work the parents should plan time each evening to do so.  Students that do not have a homework assignment will be given a quiet activity during the time when the other students are working.